Reclaim your life by outsourcing your editing

Keep your unique style, enjoy fast service, and a stress-free workflow.

How it Works

It starts with an easy, stress-free workflow

Once we get started your workflow is as easy as uploading your Lightroom catalog to your own collaboration space, letting me edit your images to mimic your style, then downloading and applying the finished edits to you local Lightroom catalog.

Sound difficult? It’s easy and I’ll walk you through it then provide you step by step instructions.

Meet your Editor!

HI! I’m Elizabeth

I started color correcting in a darkroom with yellow, cyan and magenta dials on a color film printer. Each edit was painstakingly calibrated, exposed on a test sheet and developed. It really trained my eye to see color which allows me to make subtle differences to really match your style. Here are a few facts about me!

  • I’ve been editing in Lightroom since it was released as a beta program in 2006
  • I have mad Photoshop skills for heavy editing when required
  • I have a BFA in photography
  • I understand what your work means to you

I expanded my business and when I need help Elizabeth was there to relieve the stress of editing my shoots allowing me to focus on my clients. Thank you Elizabeth!
Jennifer Reilly
Chicago, IL

Ready to outsource?

Handing over your work to someone else can seem daunting. I take the time to really build a relationship with you so if feels like you are handing your babies to a friend who gets you.

Bridal Bouquet on Car with couple kissing

No surprises with clear pricing

Whether you are shooting weddings or portraits I can help!

No project minimum on engagement sessions when I edit the same couple’s wedding.

OutSource your editing

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